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Aurora, CO


Rocky Bay Technology Solutions has announced the departure of Shawn Goudard, Florida manager. Shawn left the team on good terms and has moved on to another job. We wish him only the best.

Moving forward, RBTS in the Tampa market will be centrally managed by Scott Schoenherr, GM / Senior Engineer, from the headquarters in Aurora.

Technician William in the Tampa market will continue to provide excellent service to customers in the Tampa Bay Metro.

RBTS is currently looking for flier distributers in the Denver market, and additional technicians. Send your resume (techs) or your work history (flier distributers) to . RBTS is an MMJ friendly company, but NEVER on the job. No UA tests. 


For immediate press release

St. Petersburg, Florida


Florida PC Pro and Florida Network Consultants, operating residential and business computer and network support, have merged and formed Denver based Rocky Bay Technology Solutions.

The beginning...

In 2001, Scott Schoenherr founded the residential computer support company Florida PC Pro with his friend and then co-worker Jeremy Combs, who later left the partnership under mutual terms. By 2005, Scott and his wife Amanda Schoenherr discovered the growing need for support of computer networks in small businesses. While operating the residentially geared Florida PC Pro, they decided to offer services to businesses through a new company focused more on their specific needs and mission critical response times. Florida Network Consultants was born.

Fast forward to 2013... A new Direction

In this new age of technology, with a cloud based device on every person and in every room, technology is changing and growing into new areas of our lives faster than ever before. We have taken the talents of both Florida teams, as well as tapped a new talent pool in Denver, and combined the resources into a new company that will handle the challenges of every new technology that comes our way in the residential and business worlds. Many miles apart, the new company will have offices in St. Petersburg, Florida (Tampa Bay metro) and another in the Denver metro market. Both locations will now operate as the new Rocky Bay Technology Solutions. Operations in Florida will be managed by Shawn Goudard in the absence of Amanda and Scott Schoenherr, who will be opening the new office in Denver, CO.


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